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Leading Supplier from Chennai, our product range includes Cards such as PVC Cards, Composite Cards, ABS Cards, Pet Cards, PC Cards (Polycarbonate Cards), Preprinted Cards and many more items.

PVC Cards

PVC Cards

The material is a colourless polymer of vinyl chloride.

  • Blank ID cards are available in Ultra Card PVC and Ultra Card II versions.
  • Ultra Card is a polished, scratch- and debris-reduced, high-quality video PVC card.
  • Ultra Card II is a high-durability polyester card with PVC laminate on top and bottom. Only UltraCard or UltraCard II card blanks are recommended for use with Quatro and Uno ID Card Systems.
  • They’re 30 mil. thick, to last a lifetime. These CR-80 cards are designed to get the most out of your printer and cartridge, for crystal-clear badges and ID cards that look great, even after years of use.
All of our cards are ISO compliant, and will work with any color or monochrome digital imaging system. They are also graphics quality to enhance print quality and create the image sharpness you need to produce vivid colors and detailed readable bar codes.

Composite Cards

Composite cards combine PVC and PET to benefit from the best attributes of both materials. The card is built with a PVC core, and PET outer layers to provide better heat resistance. The outermost layer is clear PVC to keep the card compatible with direct-to-card Photo ID printers.The composite card has advantages over the standard PVC card in thermal stability or heat resistance, and in flex and impact strength.
Composite Cards

ABS Cards

ABS Cards

'Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene'

ABS is a "polymericed alloy" of the three materials acrylonitrile, butadiene and styrene. The material is located under the group styrene plastic. Styrene plastics are in volume one of the most used plastics.

The mechanical properties for ABS are good for impact resistance even in low temperatures. The material is stiff, and the properties are kept over a wide temperature range. The hardness and stiffness for ABS is lower than for PVC.

Pet Cards

The most basic cards are made of 100% PVC, of the size and thickness of credit cards and ATM cards with which we are all familiar. This card can be manufactured in white or any color under the rainbow. It is cut out of large plastic sheets and left as thin wafers, or it can be made into sandwiches, encapsulating proximity wires. Smart (microprocessor or memory) chips or magnetic stripes may be embedded into or adhered to the card surface. For direct-to-card printing, the optimal surface texture is smooth, glossy and dirt- and debris-free. 

PET cards offer the highest durability with a 40% polyester core and a glossy PVC laminate on top and bottom. 

If using PolyGuard or Thermal Transfer Over laminate, use PET cards for best results.

Pet Cards
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PC Cards (Polycarbonate Cards)

PC Cards (Polycarbonate Cards)

There are different types of polycarbonate where the most common are made from phosgene and biphenol
PC is a transparent material with a high impact resistance, high stiffness, good dimension stability and good electrical properties.

Preprinted Cards

These high quality custom cards can be produced to your own design . Pre-printed cards may be a simple single colour run up to a four-colour process on one or two sides with your logo, image or other information. We can also include high security features with hologram and UV printing on these cards. Pre-printing saves you time and money.
Preprinted Cards

Smart Cards

Smart Cards

smart cardchip card, or integrated circuit card (ICC), is defined as any pocket-sized card with embedded integrated circuits which can process information.

A smart card is a plastic card with an embedded microchip that may be used to store information about the cardholder or record card transactions as they occur.

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